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Headquarters Economy Project in Jiaying New District

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Headquarters Economy Project in Jiaying New District



Project overview: This Project is expected to, within the planning area of Jiaying New District, build a cluster of headquarters economy, introduce the resident enterprises including integrated type headquarters, investment type headquarters, marketing type headquarters, logistics type headquarters, R&D type headquarters and testing type headquarters which comply with national and provincial industrial development policies and related environmental requirements, Meizhou industry development requirements and the industrial layout of the new district, to drive the development of Meizhou headquarters  industry and various related services, to build up a cluster of headquarters  industry, and to promote industrial upgrading and development of Meizhou.


Cooperative Mode: Sole proprietorship


Cooperation period: To be negotiated


Total investment: To be negotiated


Site selection for the project: Within the planning area of Jiaying New District

  项目材料情况:嘉应新区发展总体规划获广东省政府批准实施。 嘉应新区规划范围:江南新城(含芹洋半岛品牌战略区)、梅江区的金山、西阳、三角、长沙,梅县区的程江、南口、扶大、梅南、水车、畲江,兴宁市的水口等11个镇(街)的部分村 (居),总面积为498平方公里。 核心区为江南新城和梅县区新城,核心区面积为55平方公里,起步区(江南新城梅坎铁路以北地区、梅县区新城)面积为17.8平方公里。在产业布局上重点发展汽车零配件及先进制造业产业、食品产业、电子信息产业、新能源、新医药、新材料产业、金融商务产业 、文化创意产业等。

Project data: The implementation of Jiaying New District Development Master Plan was approved by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province.  The scope of the planning area of Jiaying New District: Jiangnan New Town (including Qinyang Peninsula brand strategy zone) and some of the villages (neighborhood committees) of 11 towns (subdistrict offices) including Jinshan, Xiyang, Sanjiao and Changsha in Meijiang District, Chengjiang, Nankou, Fuda, Meinan, Shuiche and Shejiang in Meixian District, as well as Shuikou in Xingning City, covering a total area of 498 square kilometers. The core areas are Jiangnan New Town and Meixian District New Town, with a total core area of 55 square kilometers; the starting area (Meixian District New Town and north of Meizhou-Kanshi Railway in Jiangnan New Town) is 17.8 square kilometers. In the industrial layout, Jiaying New District focuses on the development of automotive parts, advanced manufacturing industry, food industry, electronic information industry, new energy, new medicine, new material industry, financial and commercial industries, cultural and creative industries, etc.


Category of this Project among state projects: Project encouraged by the state

  项目负责人:梅州市招商和经济合作局   邓光辉

Project leader: Deng Guanghui     Investment Invitation and Economic Cooperation Bureau of Meizhou City


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