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Changshou Mountain Spring Water Project

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Changshou Mountain Spring Water Project



Project overview: This Project is planned in the site close to the well-know Longtan Waterfall of Changshou Village-Shihu Village in Jiaoling County, where the vegetation is rich, the scenery is picturesque and the environment is beautiful. There is no pollution source around the area. The water resources are rich. This Project will integrate the local mountain spring water resources and build the Changshou Mountain Spring Water Base with an annual output of spring of 100,000 tons.


Cooperative mode: Sole proprietorship


Cooperation period: Long-term


Total investment: USD 20 million


Chinese investment and composition: The People's Government of Jiaoling County will unifiedly integrate the water resources close to the Shihu Village Longtan Waterfall and wholly assign them to the investing enterprise.


Foreign investment and composition: The whole project will be independently operated by the investing enterprise.


Expected investment recovery period: 5-8 years


Site selection for the project: Shihu Village in Lanfang Town


Infrastructure that is available at the project site of attracting investment: After many years of development, the infrastructure in this area is good. The construction of a series of supporting facilities including transportation , communications and electric power is complete. Computerized telephones, cable television and mobile phone network cover every corner of the Village. The arterial road from Jiaoling County Town to Shihu Village has been built in accordance with the standards of second class road. The transportation is convenient. The bus or taxi can reach there in 20 minutes.


Project data: Jiaoling mountain spring water is contained in many mountains of Jiaoling.  It was formed in piedmont ice water accumulation aquifer at glacial period. It belongs to self-gushing natural spring.  It has many mouths and it is rich in trace elements including selenium, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and zinc. It is clear and tastes well. Its water age is 100 million years. It is natural green health drink for longevity.


Category of this Project among state projects: Project permitted by the state

    项目负责人:蕉岭县招商局  钟礼海 

Project leader: Zhong Lihai   The Investment Invitation Bureau of Jiaoling County


Contact Tel: 0753-787666613502371156


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