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Huiling Investment Industrial Co., Ltd. Project

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Huiling Investment Industrial Co., Ltd. Project



Project overview: The plant area now has 3 production lines of agricultural product deep processing. This Project intends to carry out technological innovation and add 3 production lines by purchasing production equipment. The products will be sold to the Pearl River Delta and be radiated throughout China and even overseas. After this Project is put into production, it is expected that the annual output value will reach RMB 50 million.


Cooperation modes: Joint venture and cooperation


Cooperation period: To be negotiated


Total investment: USD 10 million


Site selection for the project: Meijiang District in Meizhou City


Expected investment recovery period: 6-8 years 


Category of this Project among state projects: Project permitted by the state

  企业现有技术和经营状况:梅州惠玲投资实业有限公司建有现代化的农产品深加工生产线3条,厂房占地面积约9000多平方米。 公司生产的“绿兰春”牌腐竹、梅菜、萝卜苗茶、黄酒等系列产品已经先后获得广东省“名牌产品”、2011年酒类市场最佳品牌、广东省食文化研究会“2008年度特别推荐产品”、香港国际美食促进会“最佳地方特色产品”、广东烹饪协会客家菜专业委员会颁发的“广东省绿色优质畅销品牌产品”等荣誉称号,公司有广阔的发展前景。

Existing technology and management state of the enterprise: Meizhou Huiling Investment Industrial Co., Ltd. has built 3 modern production lines of agricultural product deep processing. Its plant buildings cover a land area of over 9,000 square meters. A series of "Lǜlanchun" brand products including dried beancurd stick, pickled mustard, turnip sprout tea and yellow wine have successively won the honorary titles of the "famous brand products" of Guangdong Province, the best brand in wine market in 2011, the "specially recommended products in 2008" by the Guangdong Province Food Culture Research Association, the "best products with local features" recommended by the Hong Kong International Culinary Association, and  the "best-selling  green brand quality products of Guangdong Province" awarded by Hakka Food Professional Committee of Guangdong Cuisine Association, etc. The Company has a broad developing prospect.

  项目负责人:  梅江区商务局   邓伟民

Project leader: Deng Weimin   The Commerce Bureau of Meijiang District


Contact Tel: 0753-2239813


Fax: 0753-2239832